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God’s Glory Mutungo Miracle Ministries (GGMM) is a ministry mandated to make manifest the glory of God in all persons. Majorly those who have been written off by the world and its systems. It is a ministry divinely mandated to restore the identities of persons thereby cherishing and revealing their value and the image of God in them. A ministry called to transform those who have been rejected, vulnerable and bring healing both spiritually and physically in the community. We are a ministry that embraces and celebrates everyone for who they are. First as a human being created by God in His Image and likeness. Secondly, we believe all humanity belong to God and deserve love, acceptance and development. We believe that every sinner can be a saint and every saint is wonderful and unique. All is the work of Grace. The love of God is our major drive and we strive to display it to the whole humanity starting with our nearest neighbors. We celebrate individual uniqueness in terms of the spiritual gifts and natural talents. These are tools God has placed in us to extend his kingdom. We identify, nurture and deploy it for His glory through ministry and other related duties. We are an English-Luganda ministry that acknowledges that language is a medium of communicating the love of God to all persons. We embrace all diversity biblically supported and celebrated. We believe in the equipping and development of our ministers for the work of ministry. Following the example of the disciples of the lamp of God, we embrace learning as a means to excellence. We respect and submit to every authority that promote or encourage the obedience to the divine ordinances of God. We stand for all that the Bible speaks and teaches and stands for

Spread the word of Jesus by expressing love

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The word became flesh
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The word became flesh

John 1:14



I am a Christian fully equipped in the faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through discipleship and true worship and commissioned to disciple nations in love